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Indigo Airlines
The Genesis:
IndiGo is the latest entrant to the domestic civil aviation space in India. The low cost carrier took off its inaugural flight from Delhi to Imphal on August 4, 2006. IndiGo Airlines is a trading name for Interglobe Aviation a private domestic airline based in India. The airline is headed by Rahul Bhatia. Former US Airways Executive Vice-President, Marketing and Planning Bruce Ashby has joined Indigo Airlines as their Chief Executive Officer. The Indian Government has approved the airline's aircraft import plan "in principle".
IndiGo placed an order for 100 Airbus A320 aircraft during the 2005 Paris Air Show. The total order was worth US $6 billion; one of the highest by any domestic carrier during the show. IndiGo is designed for those people who are cost conscious and are looking for affordability, punctuality and hassle-free processing. IndiGo presently has a fleet of four aircrafts and plans to expand its fleet and network in a phased manner. By the end of 2007, Indigo has plans to expand its fleet to 15. IndiGo proposes to serve around 30 Indian cities with a fleet of 40 Airbus A-320s by 2010. IndiGo would have fleet of only one type of aircraft, the A-320 that has a capacity of 180 passengers.

Some of the sectors on which IndiGo is concentrating are Delhi - Imphal, Delhi - Pune - Bangalore, Delhi - Kolkata - Guwahati, Delhi - Hyderabad, Delhi - Mumbai, and Delhi - Nagpur. For more details logon to: