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The Genesis:
On 1st August 1953 with an initial capital of Rs. 32 million Indian Airlines was brought to life under the Air Corporations Act. Indian Airlines started operations as a result of the legislation to nationalize the entire industry came into existence. Indian Corporation inherited a fleet of 99 aircrafts for Indian Airlines to take over domestic and regional routes. Indian Airlines was the first ever to introduce the wide-bodied Airbus on the domestic network, the fly-by wire, and Boeing 737-200s as early as the 70s. In face of increasing domestic competition, Indian airlines recently underwent restructuring of its organization, management and finances. It was rebranded as ‘Indian’ on 7th December 2005.
Indian flies to 64 domestic destinations and 16 international ones. Indian has till date maintained the status of being the second largest airline with a massive total of 102 aircrafts offering 35,000 seats per day. Apart from the metropolitans and the popular destinations Indian also operates into really rare corners of the country namely Bagdogra, Jamnagar, Dibrugarh, Gaya, Kochi, Madurai, Puttaparthi, Tirupati and Bhavnagar. The international destinations include countries from West Asia (UAE, Kuwait city, Muscat, etc.), South-East Asia (Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur), South Asia (Lahore, Dhaka, Maldives, etc.) Economical rates, supreme quality of service and great deals are some factors to look forward to for all customers from India. For more details logon to: